Use of cookies

In order to make our services as efficient as possible and easy to use, uses cookies. Whenever a user visits the website, a minimum amount of information is saved in the user’s device, basically small text files called “cookie”.

Session and persistent cookies

Cookies may expire at the end of a browser session (the period from the time the user opens a browser window and its closing), or they may be retained for a longer time period.

Session cookies, allow the website to connect a user’s actions during a browser session. Session cookies expire at the end of the browser session and consequently are not retained for long.
Persistent cookies, on the other hand, are stored on the user’s device in-between browser sessions and make it possible to save the user’s preferences or actions with regard to a website even for long periods of time.

“First-party” cookies and “Third-party” cookies

Cookies are either “First-party” or “Third party” based on the website or domain they come from.

“First-party” cookies are set by this website, and are under our direct control.
“Third-party” cookies are set by an external service (Third party) with regard to this website and are not managed by us directly; these cookies allow us to integrate special functions (for example, Facebook).

Detailed information on the cookies used by this website

We do not use cookies for user profiling and marketing purposes.

Please find below a list of the various cookies used by our website, with a description of the purposes tied to their use.

Technical cookies

This type of cookie is necessary for proper functioning of some website areas. The cookies of this category include both persistent and session cookies. In the absence of these cookies, the website or some portions of it may not work properly. The cookies that belong to this category are always sent by our domain.

Internal session cookie (Place Italy): needed for proper functioning of this website.
Internal session authentication cookie (Place Italy): allows access to the reserved area of the website without having to re-enter the user name and password.
Authentication preference cookie (Place Italy): this is a persistent cookie that allows access to the reserved area of the website without having to re-enter the user name and password.
Internal cookie (Place Italy): this cookie is used to manage the shopping cart. This session cookie is needed in order to save the items chosen for the purchase.

Analytical cookies

This type of cookies is not indispensable for the website to work. They are used to collect information on website use. We use this information for statistical analysis purposes, for improving the website, as well as for monitoring its proper operation. This type of cookie collects anonymous information about the users’ activity on the website and about the way they reached the website and the pages visited. Cookies that belong to this category are sent from the website itself or by third-party domains.

Internal debugging cookie (Place Italy): it stores the visited pages and the display times in anonymous form.
Google Analytics cookie (Place U.S.A.), monitoring and statistics, tracking cookie in anonymous form with no profiling; privacy policy.

Third-party cookies

These cookies are used to supplement third-party functionalities on the site (for example, forms for comments or social network icons that allow visitors to share the website content). Cookies that belong to this category are installed by the services of partner websites.

Some of these services use profiling cookies, which are used to track the user navigation on the network and to create profiles on their tastes, habits, choices, etc.

Some of these services also use profiling cookies through which targeted advertising messages can be transmitted to the user’s device which are consistent with the preferences previously shown by the user when surfing the web.

Cookies from Google (Place U.S.A.) which installs a series of anonymous tracking technical cookies, which are used for operation of Google products, such as, for example: YouTube and Maps; privacy policy.
CAddtoany social network sharing cookie: tracking and statistics cookie that stores utilisation statistics in anonymous form; privacy policy, management and disabling of cookies.

Cookie from Google Adsense (Place U.S.A.): this service allows to host targeted advertising messages and uses profiling and tracking cookies; privacy policy, management and disabling of cookies.

Managing and deleting the cookies

Settings concerning cookies can be verified and modified in the “Preferences” menu of your browser. Select here below the browser you are using for information on how to change your cookie settings.

Internet Explorer

Deleting or disabling cookies may jeopardise the operation of some parts or functionalities of this website.