Laara Cassells – Canada

Laara’s piece confronts contemporary models with old masters’ portraits in order to comment the contrasting lifestyles of the two models in spite of the similarities in exterior aspect. The painting offers an interesting point of view of the discrepancies of modern society; its irony, expressed through the classic portrait style with the typical dark background, enhances the strong differences between the “ancient” and the contemporary world . Laara’s technique is impressively eloquent and refined, it demonstrates a good capability of expressing ideas and concepts in the most effective way”


Zed Sindelar Netherlands

Zed Sindelar’s piece reminds strongly of the old masters’ Tableaux Vivants; moreover, the setting recall one of the well-known painting by Caravaggio, Dinner in Emmaus. In fact, the whole photograph shows plenty of subjects that are commonly found in paintings of the Italian tradition. The contrast between lights and shadows is beautifully arranged and this adds a more dramatic veil to the piece. The ironic references to the present society are significative and the different objects that make unique this otherwise classic subject (as dollars, the bowl with the goldfish, the egg, what looks like an absinthe glass…) leave space for different and intricate interpretations.


Lee June – Korea

Her work focuses on how the individual is immersed in the society nowadays. June explores the neutrality and duality of the individual as a distinct unity and again as a constituent of a collectivity. In particular, she shed light on the social phenomena surrounding the individual in contemporary social space, especially on negative conditions such as bystander effect, mass psychology, scapegoating and biases. Using the East Asian element of the thread, which represents human life, the artist forms human figure-like works, in order to look at the issues of modern men with an external perspective.



The top 20 voted Artists

Taveepong Limmakorn, Tatiana Loguinova, Sergio Acerbi, Feofeo, Emanuele Biagioni, Gennaro Santaniello, Felipe Mercadal, Elio Arnone, Brigitte Schindler, Zed Sindelar, Saba Ferrari, Paride Ranieri, Igor Eugen Prokop, Dong Jingge, Lidia Dell’Ajra Mengoli, Wim Van de Wege, O Yemi Tubi, Francesco Casolari, Giampiero Murgia, Roberta Bissoli

The 20 selected by the Jury

Majla Chindamo, Andrea di Carpegna Varini, Veronika Ban, Kazz Morishita, Sandra Levaggi, Tiziana Grassi, Anna Rita Cacciatore, Fosca Boggi, Alexandra Nietzer Winterberg, Ira Schneider, Massimo Motta, Sarah Sweet, Astrid Charlotte Wintgens, Lena Untidt, Laara Cassells, Manss Aval, June Lee, Oti Goodhind, Petra Knezic, Ivan Iliev