3 WINNERS: Laara Cassells, June Lee and Zed Sindelar - 2nd December: hot 40 group show in ArtPassage

CATALOG : eighth edition
8° Con/Corso Buenos Aires

Release Date: 01/12/2016
Featured all artists
Curator: Giuseppe Villani
Editor: thanks to Euroweb
Size (cm): 20×20
Year: 2016
Illustration: full colors
Pages: 148

The top 20 voted Artists

Taveepong Limmakorn
Tatiana Loguinova
Sergio Acerbi
Emanuele Biagioni
Gennaro Santaniello
Felipe Mercadal
Elio Arnone
Brigitte Schindler
Zed Sindelar
Saba Ferrari
Paride Ranieri
Igor Eugen Prokop
Dong Jingge
Lidia Dell’Ajra Mengoli
Wim Van de Wege
O Yemi Tubi
Francesco Casolari
Giampiero Murgia
Roberta Bissoli

The 20 selected by the Jury

Majla Chindamo
Andrea di Carpegna Varini
Veronika Ban
Kazz Morishita
Sandra Levaggi
Tiziana Grassi
Anna Rita Cacciatore
Fosca Boggi
Alexandra Nietzer Winterberg
Ira Schneider
Massimo Motta
Sarah Sweet
Astrid Charlotte Wintgens
Lena Untidt
Laara Cassells
Manss Aval
June Lee
Oti Goodhind
Petra Knezic
Ivan Iliev

Zed Sindelar

Zed Sindelar – Netherlands-based freelance photographer Zdenek Sindelar, a.k.a. CuriousZed, has earned his keep in the profession by paying keen attention to detail and believing that in every image there is a story to be told. Zed was born and raised in the Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) and although he currently resides in the Netherlands, the photographer has traveled the world—with camera in tow—shooting everything in sight throughout Europe, Africa, America and Asia. In the past, Zed has commandeered a number of artistic endeavors, including managing a music bar, teaching guitar or working in a graphic studio. The essence of his work is its existence in both contemporary and historical settings. It is based in traditional painting techniques and expressed with relevant contemporary subjects. His photography reveals the last hold out of human privacy – the mind. He shows the quirky choices, impractical infatuations, and peculiar drives of our personalities. While other aspects of digital culture deconstruct distinctions between public and private spaces, he re-energizes those considerations. He elevates familiar subjects with high art techniques. He compose images as Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio might, had photography been an option in his lifetime. Space is carved with a heavy hand following his signature use of light and shadow. The striking contrasts pull us into the frame and beyond the limitations of our logical understanding. The photos provide a voyeuristic window into personal concerns. The hyper- real imagery is both obvious and ambiguous. Viewers must learn to discover that which is lost; to wonder at what might be misplaced.

Laara Cassells

Laara Cassels, Laara has exhibited sculptures, drawings and paintings in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, South Korea, Poland, Switzerland and across the USA and Canada.
Laara was featured in the 2011 Canadian Who’s Who publication 2010/2011” and in 2011 she was awarded the City of Medicine Hat Civic Recognition Award for Culture.
She exhibited 5 paintings and represented Canada at the prestigious “NordArt 2013” international exhibition in Germany with 240 other artists from 55 countries.
Her painting series “_after”, which featured the painting in this exhibition, toured Canada for one year from 2015-2016. In this serie of 21 paintings she is pairing contemporary models with Old Masters’ portraits and commenting on the contrasting lifestyles of the two models in spite of the similarities in genetics

June Lee

June Lee – She was born in Seouh, South Korea moved to the U.S for study. Went to college in Chicago for Painting and Drawing and receives MFA for fiber art. After graduate, she came back to Korea. Now she is working and living in Seoul and participates to exhibitions and residency programs in the U.S, France, Taiwan, Netherland and so on.
Her work focuses on the individual in the contemporary society today. She explores the neutrality and duality of the individual as a distinct unity and again as a constituent of the collective society. In particular, she shed light on the social phenomena surrounding the individual in contemporary social space, especially on negative conditions such as bystander effect, mass psychology, scapegoating, and biases. Using East Asian element of the thread, which represents human life, to form human figure-like works, her art looks at the problems of the modern man from a third-person perspective.